Paper Submission

Authors can submit manuscripts of their papers to EPIC system. The deadline for full manuscript is 15th September 2018. The manuscripts will be blindly-reviewed by reviewers to determine your acceptances on 30th August 2018 to be included in this conference.

If you are the new registrant, directly you can upload the full paper in EPIC's EDAS page at final manuscript column.


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  1. 1. Login to EDAS and register as a member
  2. 2. Go to EPIC 2018 "Submit Paper"
  3. 3. Go to your home profile on EDAS
  4. 4. Submit your full paper on final manuscript column
  5. 5. Notification of all accepted paper will be sent to the authors via e-mail and you have to pay your registration fee to EPIC’S bank account. For more details about the conference’s procedure we will inform you through email..

For further explanation about the submission procedure, you can watch the video down below:

Additional Information

  1. 1. Manuscripts that do not conform to the formatting guidelines below (PDF format, 9-page limit for regular papers and 6-page limit for workshops, margins, font size, embedded fonts etc.) will be removed from further consideration without review.
  2. 2. Manuscript submissions should be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) only. The page limit is 9 pages for regular papers and 6 pages for workshops. Font size should be no smaller than 10 points.
  3. 3. The two most important elements of manuscript layouts are:
  4. a. Manuscript should NOT have headers. Footers expect for page number information.
  5. b. Pages in the manuscript should be numbered except the first page. Preferably at the top right or bottom center

Please check and recheck your full manuscript about this thing :

  1. 1. Disallow headers (i.e., any text appearing before the paper title)
  2. 2. Check that all fonts are embedded in PDF file.
  3. 3. Check that PDF file can be stamped with copyright and other header or footer information.
  4. 4. Do not allow scanned (bit image) papers (scanned papers cannot be checked for similarity).
  5. 5. Do not allow encrypted papers (encrypted papers cannot be checked for similarity)
  6. 6. Do not allow print only papers (print only papers cannot be checked for similarity)
  7. 7. Check that PDF file has no bookmarks.
  8. 8. Disallow form fields.
  9. 9. Disallow links in PDF.
  10. 10. Disallow annotation (notes) in PDF.
  11. 11. Enforce gutter width (only for two-column papers)

Indexed by:

All accepted papers, after reviewed, will be published in Scopus indexed journal.

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